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Poland celebrates judo success in Wroclaw

Polish judo is in a state of excitement. The current performances of the Polish women are amazing and clearly caught the eye of the judo fan. The Polish Judo Association is very pleased with this year’s development.

Last year the World Junior title of Arleta Podolak was the most exciting performance for Poland as well as EYOF title for talent Kamila Pasternak and junior medals for Szczepaniak, Talach and Ciechomski. But this year Polish is scoring at all age level varying from medals at European Cadet Championships, gold for Anna Borowska at the European Juniors and Beata Pacut who took medals at European and World Junior Championships.


One of the major performances stating the current shape of the women was the European senior team bronze in Montpellier last April and in fact perfect fifth place at world level.

This year Katarzyna Klys has her best year of her career. The 28-year mother stunned with seven World level medals so far this year. Klys is in the top 10 athletes with most medals in the Tour. Also Daria Pogorzelec won three medals among them a recent Grand Prix victory in Tashkent.

Katarzyna Klys: “We have done a lot of work. Youth and experience of older athletes - this is good mix. The young players are pushing, the older give an example to a professional approach, and all this is bringing us results.”


Podolak broke through with bronze in Tashkent and Ozdoba, Klys and Maciej Sarnacki won bronze in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam previous weekend. With a total of 28 medal so far compared to 11 medals over the whole year 2013 and 7 in 2012, we can say it is going extremely well in Poland.

Technical Director Adam May is not surprised by the sudden success, but is obviously satisfied that success is finally achieved.

Adam May: “This year's excellent results  Polish women is the result of well-organised work in the clubs and the national team. The players are very talented young people. These are the European Championship medalist and World Junior Championship medalists. The players believed that you can achieve success in a group of seniors. Good cooperation between the national team coach, junior Joanna Majdan and senior coach of the national team Aneta Szczepańska. It has created a very good atmosphere in the group.”


With the forthcoming European U23 Championships the Polish Judo Association can benefit even more of the current flow. 

Current President Wieslaw Blach was an Olympic coach of gold medallist Pawel Nastula in 1996. He enjoys the current success and is a proud man.

Wieslaw Blach: “The Polish Judo Association is very proud at the results and secondly to host the European Judo Championships this week. My sincere wish is that, through these U23 Championships, spectators will develop a fascination for Judo, as well as a desire to contribute to the development of sport.”


Poland has a rich history when it comes to sporting events and true legends. Ofcourse Pawel Nastula and double Olympic Champion Waldemar Legien are icons for Polish judo, but with the current generation there is potential for more medals and we look forward to 2015 with World and European Championships and European Games.


1 Pawel Nastula POL 15 7 3 25
2 Rafal Kubacki POL 10 5 15 30
3 Beáta Maksymow POL 9 6 17 32
4 Adriana Dadci POL 6 0 6 12
5 Waldemar Legien POL 6 1 4 11
6 Przemyslaw Matyjaszek POL 4 3 7 14
7 Krzysztof Wilkomirski POL 4 3 5 12
8 Urszula Sadkowska POL 3 3 13 19
9 Robert Krawczyk POL 3 1 14 18
10 Beáta Kucharzewska POL 3 3 5 11
11 Irena Tokarz POL 3 2 6 11
12 Daria Pogorzelec POL 3 0 6 9
13 Piotr Kamrowski POL 3 2 3 8
14 Boguslawa Olechnowicz POL 3 1 2 6
15 Janusz Wojnarowicz POL 2 6 20 28

photo credits: IJF Media, Stanislaw Michalowski



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